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My custom peace and love design is cut into a Scrap piece of Black Walnut from an Urban tree. The other side a zodiac sign for cancer is cut into Reclaimed Doug Fir Bleacher boards. A thin Layer of scrap Aluminium is in the middle of the 2 thin pieces of contrasting Wood, then all glued together.

On this pendant The State of North Carolina is drawn on and cut out on a scroll saw, Revealing the 3 beautiful layers.
Comes shipped in a hand made box of Reused Floor protector.

A Final Finish is 4 coats of my signature all natural Bees wax tung oil finish. and an Earth blessing for thanks and positivity.

:This particular piece was custom made. Just An Example:

Custom made State Wood pendant from scrap and reused Materials
North Carolina Necklace Pendant
Wood Aluminum
2" x 1 1/4"