Custom Woodworking at its finest. Featuring One of a kind Handmade Necklaces, Belt Buckles, Earrings and a unique Line of Wood Bow Ties From Reused Materials.......

I am crazy about Reusing valuable materials as much as I can, in my Art and in my everyday Life. It was only natural when I started CHunks of WOod based in Eugene, Oregon that I use the abundance of beautiful Scrap discarded WOod surrounding me. I am always searching for and collecting Scrap pieces of WOod and Metal to include in my Art. That's what I create, Wearable Art for Everybody Everyday.
Wearable Eco Fashion accessories with a touch of High Fashion.

How much Wood can a WoodChuck Chunk if he even could Chunk Wood? Lots If he had a Wooden Bow Tie made by CHunks Of WOod.

ChunksOfWood custom woodworking & Fashion Accessories