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You will always have a #Fish On with this Wooden Hand Made custom Trout inlay Belt Buckle
Fish On
wood Aluminum, Copper, Brass
2 1/2 in. x3 in.

A custom piece from my Oregon State Belt Buckle Collection.

I made this piece for an avid fisherman. from a drawing of a Chromer Trout he caught. The three wood inlay is accented by Scrap Solar tube aluminum, to show the beauty of the fresh fish. It is caught on a inlayed scrap brass line with a Copper and
Aluminum dry fly

Trout inlay Ingredients:
Scrap Urban Sycamore for main body
Reused Eastern Rock Maple for Tail
Scrap Incense Cedar Body
Outlined in Reused Aluminium From Floor Heating panels

Belt Buckle ingredients:
Scrap Urban Black Walnut
Reused Douglas Fir Bleacher Boards in middle
Plugs of Bamboo and Incense cedar
Vintage Buckle latch

Sanded ultra smooth with 4 coats for the 4 directions of my all natural signature finish of Bees Wax,Coconut oil, Tung oil and Lavender Essential oil is applied to highlight the natural grain patterns.

A final Sage blessing is done to give the Wearer positivity and strength.

All CHunks Of WOod are one of a kind. This Handmade Wood Belt buckle was a custom made piece. its an example of what I can make. All pieces are made to order.Can be ordered with other woods, designs and even the shape. Maybe your state?