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Your bitchin Wood Bow tie Handmade from Upcycled material
Zorro part 2
Wood Aluminum
5 1/2"x2 1/8" x 3/8" thick

On this Custom edition From my Admiral Line I used 2 thin layers of Scrap Black Walnut from an urban tree. Glued with a contrasting layer in between of Vertical Grain Douglas Fir, Which came from salvaged bleacher boards.

The plug in the center is cut straight from a Bamboo stalk from a friends yard. With a aluminum Plug in the middle
I Cut the Zorro pattern and inlayed Scrap Aluminum that I salvaged from radiant floor heating panels.Its is very pliable and can be formed to many shapes and designs.
(Search other pieces to to see examples.)

The edges of the No tie bow tie are hand carved to accent the Bow Tie shape.
All surfaces are sanded smooth. 4 coats for the 4 directions of a Signature finish with, Bees Wax, Coconut oil, Tung oil and Lavender oil is applied to bring the Beautiful grain of the Black Walnut to life.
To finalize the power of the wood I give a sage blessing thanking the Earth the sun and the rain for providing this amazing material. And send positivity and Joy to the wearer.

Size: 5 1/2in long 2 1/8in tall and 3/8in thick.
Held in place by a Brown adjustable elastic strap. can be ordered with other color strap.