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Thought Chambers: Pure Art-itecture

This piece from the Round -a- World collection is made from, Reused Black Walnut and in the middle is Reclaimed Doug fir bleacher boards,which came out of a school in Washington.

Bamboo plugs on both sides and round Copper tubing details to put extra life into it.

Inlayed in the copper tube on one side is, Quartz from the Mattole River Valley.

This series is cut apart into various shapes and is held apart with Reclaimed Aluminum wire.
For Thought Chambers I laid reused Aluminum in-between the top and bottom, to accent the Beauty of the wood.

A sage Blessing and 4 coats for the 4 directions of my signature bees wax finishes each piece off, thanking the earth, sun, and rain for providing the power of the wood.

Comes with a 22" gun metal blue chain, and a clasp connection.

And as with all my pieces its one of a kind. If sold I only slightly alter each piece to make them unique. Of course its Hand made with Smiles.

Comes shipped in a Handmade box from scrap building paper.

Custom orders gladly accepted

Round Wood Pendant made from reused materials
Thought Chambers
Wood Aluminum, Copper
2" round