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Wooden Belt Buckle From Recycled Materials with Fish Inlay
%Like a Fish Out of Water%
Wood, Aluminum,Turquoise
2 1/2 in. x3 in.

A custom piece from my Oregon State Belt Buckle Collection.

The wood fish inlay is accented by Scrap Solar tube aluminum, to show the beauty of the fresh fish.

Trout inlay Ingredients:
Scrap Urban Sycamore for main body
reused Bloodwood Tail
Outlined in Reused Aluminium From Floor Heating panels

Belt Buckle ingredients:
Scrap Urban Black Walnut
Reused Ash Bleacher in middle
Plugs of Bamboo,Black walnut,Spalted Alder,and Madrone

Sanded ultra smooth with 4 coats for the 4 directions of my all natural signature finish of Bees Wax,Coconut oil, Tung oil and Lavender Essential oil is applied to highlight the natural grain patterns.

A final Sage blessing is done to give the Wearer positivity and strength.

All CHunks Of WOod are one of a kind. This Handmade Wood Belt buckle was a custom made piece. its an example of what I can make. All pieces are made to order.Can be ordered with other woods, designs and even the shape. Maybe your state?